Hi. We're Craig and Laura McClellan. 

We are twenty-somethings (though not for long, we suppose) who live in a house with a yellow door along with a lab/pitbull mix and an orange cat. We watch too much T.V., and we eat pizza too often. Craig's a teacher (by way of guitar player); Laura's a writer. We met at a summer camp, so s'mores are our love language and we're not above sleeping on the ground.

Soon we will be adding some tiny humans to our family. We hope. See, we're starting down this weird and complicated road called foster care in the hopes of being able to adopt out of the system. We know it may not happen the first (or second) placement, but we're praying it will. Either way, we feel called to love on some kiddos who can't be with their mommys and daddys right now, for one reason or another.

We're going to need a lot of support, a lot of prayer, and a lot of coffee. (That last one might be mostly for us.)

We wanted to start a blog just to share what is going on with our friends and family and bring people along on this journey with us. We hear laughing to keep from crying will be a useful skill to have, so there will probably be a lot of humor going on around here, too. If we seem like we need encouragement, just send .gifs.