Shopping for Bunkbeds

Posted by Laura

For the last week or so I’ve been perusing Craigslist for a good set of bunk beds. I’ve been collecting some clothes from generous people and I have a car seat in my living room (which is SUPER weird, by the way, when you do not have a child). Not creepy at all.*

Our last four Monday evenings have been spent in a classroom with about 30 other adults for three hours listening to a woman named Lictoria (with an L — it’s perfect) and Ms. Cunningham teach us what it will be like to be foster parents. Yes, this means I’ve had to watch The Bachelor on a delay, but it’s fine. I’m coping. Really. It’s for the children. (BUT TWO BACHELORETTES? I JUST CAN’T.)

We’re embarking on a totally weird journey. We don’t know how it will end, or really how things will even play out along the way. Which if you know me at all you’d know is a TAD unnerving for a creature of habit like me.

To make a very long story short, we’ve been talking about adoption for a little over a year now, and through talking to several different people and God’s spirit just gently nudging us along we’ve decided to pursue that through foster care.

There is a significant chance we will not get to adopt the first (or second, or third) placement we have in our home, but we’re praying that God’s hand would be at work and that we would get to adopt, even if it takes a while. But if not, we will try to love these kids and their birth families to the best of our ability and just pray that God will sustain us and walk with us through the loss of giving them back.

We are nervous, but excited. We can’t wait to welcome kids into our home and love on them even if they are…well…challenging. Hopefully just a little bit of Jesus’ love rubs off on them and gives them some hope that propels them forward in their lives, even if we don’t get to see the rest of it. (Hopefully the birth families will be receptive to us and we will get to see them again, but who knows.) Plus, TINY SOCKS, you guys.

All that to say, we don’t have a ton of answers, but we still feel good about this decision and know it is what God has called us to do. 

So I’m shopping for bunk beds on Craigslist in case we get a sibling group, and if not, our future biological children or adopted children can use them. Did you know there is a ‘bunk bed guy of Hendersonville?’ I didn’t either.

We will overall need plenty of support from our friends and family, because we know it will be very difficult at times (if not at all times). Maybe someone to pick up a kid from the doctor, someone to babysit once and a while, or someone just to talk to if our foster kid is like vomiting profusely and saying he wants his mom and demanding Doc McStuffins when netflix is down or something and all I want is like a girl scout cookie and a large coffee. I’m just saying it’s likely. 

If you know anyone who is fostering or has adopted from foster care, also let us know — we know a handful of couples doing this who we can connect with, but we are always open to knowing more people going through the same experience as us.

We hope to continue to share a little about our journey (The Bachelor has ruined that word for me, BTW) along the way, to the extent we can while still respecting the privacy of the children in our home. We’d love your prayers as we go forward and try to just take one step at a time and not totally freak out. 

*When I picked it up, it was sliding around in my back seat and I was super paranoid someone would call DCS on ME thinking there was a baby in there.