Things Are Gettin' Real

A few small updates for you today.

1) We have installed a fence! It’s already been a super nice change to let our dog run around in the yard, and it will be even better when we have a kid (or two) and just need one of our fur babies to like, not be in the way for three minutes, which they usually are.

(This is a panoramic view, so our yard is not as big as it looks here. But look how cute and tiny our dog is.)

2) We have purchased bunk beds! From none other than The Bunk Bed Guy of Hendersonville (duh). But seriously this guy is so nice, and he sells them at super low prices because he gets them wholesale. He said the furniture stores have a hard time selling bunk beds, so they jack the price up a lot. He works for a mattress company but decided he could make some money on the side selling bunk beds way cheaper. So he just has a handful of options, but they are in stock at all times, and he also sells the mattresses to go with them (at a few different levels of nice-ness). 

They will more or less look like this (above) but with a darker stain.

He just rents a warehouse space to keep it all in, so all you have to do is call him to set up a time to meet him there. You can buy them and take them with you right then if you want. All that to say, if you need bunk beds, Howard (AKA The Bunk Bed Guy) is your man.

We test-sat on them at the warehouse — don’t worry. They’re sturdy. Assuming we put them together correctly. More pictures to come when they are assembled.

3) We have our first home study visit set for next week! Things are gettin’ real around here, y’all. We have the same writer as some friends of ours who are about 4 weeks or so ahead of us in the process, so it’s nice to be able to kind of look at what they’re doing and anticipate it, just on a delay. Which leads me to my next point…

4) We are so thankful to have been introduced to and gotten to know better so many families who are in our same boat. Especially the Wileys, whom I mentioned above. They are about our age, no kids, with pets and jobs and everything, same as us, so you can bet we will be mooching off their experience and teaming up for some things (a garden perhaps??) in the coming months. We’ve met several others along the way so far and are so thankful for it. All of our friends have been SUPER supportive (have I mentioned my sweet friends are throwing me a totally not normal foster-care shower next weekend? WHAT), but I think it’s just such a unique experience that it will be necessary to have some people on speed dial who can be like “I KNOW, WHAT IS HAPPENING??” in response to our “HOLY CRAP”s. You know, to put it delicately.

5) I ordered some small, sweet teddy bears to give to our kid(s) so that they have something to snuggle when they are scared or sad (especially if they are not comfortable with us yet) and have something that is their very own as soon as they get here. They may reject it or they may be indifferent or they may love it, who knows, but at least they will be there. If our first placement ends up being super short I suppose will be ordering more. ;) They are totes adorbs. It just makes the whole thing even more real buying things specifically for them!

6) The room is slowly coming together. We have moved most of the stuff out from Craig’s music room/office (please take a moment of silence for it. I’m half joking but he did spend a lot of time getting it to his liking when we first moved in!) into our new shared office/former guest room, and I’ve put some of the kids’ books and such in the bookcase as well as changed out the curtains, and it’s starting to feel like a kid may really live here soon! EEK. We bought the green dresser at a friend’s warehouse (Head Springs Depot -- get stuff there, guys. Seriously. I got Nate Berkus Target curtains -- semi-pictured below -- for like $15) and I think it’s so sweet.

 (totally helping)

P.S. THANK YOU to everyone who has asked how we are doing and has walked with us through this so far. It’s only JUST beginning and we know we will need support day in and day out to love on these kids and help them heal. So we appreciate any and all help we can get.