May Showers Bring All The Things

It has been a long time since we have updated this blog, and for that, we feel kind of bad. But there has been a lot of things happening and also nothing happening so, here we are.

I’ve been meaning to write about the shower our sweet friends threw for us in early May, and write about it I will. 

I mean, y’all. Have you ever? Who throws and/or attends a foster-kid-shower for someone who doesn’t even know what age or gender kid(s) they will get? Our friends. Ours do.

We were so incredibly thankful and non-ironically hashtag blessed to have all my girlfriends come together and throw us this sweet little party.

I invited basically all my friends (plus my female family members) and three of my friends in particular took on the planning duties, none of whom actually really know each other that well (adulthood is weird) so I give them extra credit for making it all happen.

Here are Hilary, Nicole and Taylor (the throwers) with me. Aren’t they pretty?


They had delightful food, sweet decorations and even had a station where guests could write encouraging notes to our future kiddo(s) that the kids can take with them if/when they leave us in a book along with some pictures of our time together, etc. Teared up a bit at that one.

One of my friends encouraged me to make a registry even though there is no category for “foster-parent-to-be” so I had to lie to Target and say we were due in July. (Sorry, Target!) But it was totally the right call and she helped me register for things that people with kids need. Things like a step-stool for the bathroom and, like, those cup things that kind of look like a monster’s mouth on top that won’t spill goldfish on the floor when they stick their hand in. Who knew, right?

And guys — let me tell you. We were SHOWERED. We got so many beautiful things, some from even people who weren’t there. We got gift cards for the inevitable clothes and other-random-things we will need to buy when the kid(s) get here. We got an easel. We got a super cute rug I only registered for out of longing and not out of practicality. We got bedding. We got books and coloring supplies and towels and prints. I don’t even know how we have all the stuff we have, but we are so grateful. 


All that to say, we literally cannot put into words how thankful we are for friends and family who have been so supportive of us. It’s comforting to know we will not be alone and we have been so well provided for!


I will tell you. We've done our first three home study visits, which basically were paperwork and two individual interviews about basically our life stories. We have our last home visit tonight (eeek) -- the official check-the-boxes one -- so they can make sure kids won’t like fall into a sinkhole or wield kitchen knives under our supervision and then we wait for the state to officially approve us. We’re hoping maybe late June we will be certified and then we just wait for a call!

There you have it. A real live update.

We were on vacation last week as our last-hoorah/5-year-anniversary trip which we will also tell you about all in due time (except it will be sooner rather than later because Craig is in charge of that post and, well, we all know which one of us is better at being on time.) (It’s him.)