The Home Stretch

The last few days have been quite surreal in the McClellan household.

For several weeks the foster care approval process has been a lot of waiting and paperwork. It felt like there was very little movement, and we began to grow worried that we wouldn't be approved before school started (We really wanted a few weeks to settle into having kids in the house before I went back to work for the new school year). Then at the beginning of this week, we found out there had been movement. We were told that our file would be ready to go to DCS on Wednesday. However, we knew that DCS typically takes 1-4 weeks to approve families once they have the files, so we were still prepared for a long wait.

Meanwhile, Laura got a phone call on Wednesday saying her grandfather had passed away, and we began to make plans for a trip to Canada for his funeral.

In the middle of the sadness and crazy, last minute trip prep, yesterday I received a call from DCS. I was surprised to hear the person on the other end of the line say we were recently approved as foster parents and ask if we could take a placement. While in complete shock that we had been approved in two days, I unfortunately had to decline as we were about to leave the country. I was assured though that we would likely get a lot of calls for placements after we got back.

Suddenly the final to-dos in the house to prepare for kids had to be done before we flew out. We also had to process that it was potentially our last night at home without kids. So we went out and grabbed some Jeni's Ice Cream and planned the rest of our night of cleaning, packing, and other last minute items.

So as we sit here on a plane, we're having a lot of feelings. Grief over the loss of Laura's grandfather. Excitement about potentially being parents next week. Terror over potentially being parents next week. Sadness in letting go of the freedom of being married with no kids. Exhaustion from the early morning flight. Nervousness of the unknown. Joyful that the thing we've dreamed and prayed about for almost two years is about to finally happen.

It's honestly a lot to process.

But we eagerly anticipate what and who God potentially has for our family. We know he has ordained all of this and trust Him for strength and comfort through it all.

It's getting real y'all.