The Hard Part

They say every time a kid leaves your home, they take a piece of your heart with them. I know what they’re talking about now. After only 13 days in our home, a couple of tiny pieces of my heart pulled out of our driveway in their caseworker’s car.

Let me tell you, it sucks. It just does.

Thirteen days might not seem like much. And in the grand scheme, maybe it’s not. But it was much to me. Thirteen days is 312 hours. You can learn a lot about a child in 312 hours.

For instance...

1. D (7mo)’s smile can absolutely light up a room. I’m convinced it would melt even the most brutish man in an instant. Thankfully, it’s easy to find. His giggle, however, is more rare, but absolutely magic. Instant serotonin shot. 

2. K (9yo) is smart. He can do a puzzle incredibly fast and his wit is on point, even when he has to say something multiple times because we can’t understand his accent or we missed something he said in Spanish. He is also a master lego-builder, even though I don’t know if he’d actually done it before he came to our house. But he has to follow the directions and make something. Because that’s the way you’re supposed to do it. Duh.

3. D can’t sit up by himself quite yet, but he can pull himself to a stand, and when he does, he’s like, SUPER proud of himself. 

4. K is great at art. He can draw and color, and he’s proud to show you what he did. He creates things in Minecraft (which I will never understand, either in functionality or appeal) and is also excited to show you his new room or the zombie he can explode with a simple tap. This is hilarious to him.

5. D’s eyes are as big as saucers pretty much at all times. When you lock eyes with him and he smiles it’s like you’ve won something. The fact that those eyes trusted me to take care of him without hesitation meant so much to me.

6. K loves the Lord. We prayed every night, sometimes he prayed in Spanish and sometimes in English. He reads his Bible and read us his favorite Psalm. He also adores his baby brother, probably more than anything else. He is a great help both with his brother and with anything else you ask him to do. 

7. D loves water. The bath instantly calms him and he hates to get out. But y’all, freshly-washed babies wrapped in towels, am I right? We took the boys to the pool yesterday and he was so content just to sit on my lap with his bottom half in the water.

8. K’s favorite food is eggs, but he will eat pretty much anything we put in front of him if we ask him to, even eating broccoli after telling us he doesn’t like it. (He also really likes grapes, oddly enough. He can eat nearly a whole bag in one sitting.) Come to think of it, he would do anything we asked him to. He’s flexible and understanding, even with disappointments.

9. D discovered he can make a fun sound by pursing his lips and spitting. This is also hilarious. Mostly just to us. 

10. K discovered a new favorite movie while he stayed with us thanks to a sweet friend. It’s a Mexican fairy tale called Book of Life. I’m not joking when I say he watched it at least 9 times in a week. I have yet to see it in English but it helped me practice my Spanish.

11. D has a favorite video, which we found out via his mom. It’s called El Pollito Pio and it completely hypnotizes him. I’m serious. He can be mid-cry and (if I’m out of options) it silences him (at least for three minutes). It will be in your head for days. If you get tired of that one, try El Gallo y La Pata.

12. K can do a mean whip/nae-nae combo. It's truly a thing to behold.

We were unbelievably lucky and blessed with our first placement, however short it was. I will miss them deeply, especially that baby boy. Those eyes have my heart. Though there were a lot of tears at the get-go (more from us than from them), we were just getting the hang of it and are very sad to see them go. K even left us with his Thor doll (I mean action figure??) — one of the few things he brought with him — when he left. He wanted us to have it. I mean come on, y’all.

We’re planning on taking a short break before getting a new placement, 1) to recover emotionally and 2) because the first couple weeks of school are always crazy for Craig and we don’t want to add the crazy of a new placement in the middle of it.

Pray for K and D that they are well taken care of and the Lord will be near to them…they are special kiddos.