I’m not 100 percent sure what I want to write, but it’s been a while since we’ve updated and a lot has happened. It was about three weeks in between when our boys left and our new girls came. We had had a couple of calls in the meantime but nothing we could take. One was a sibling group of 5, all under the age of 6. I considered it for a hot second (BUT I BET THEY’RE SO CUTE) before Craig was like, stop it. You’re being insane. (I was. This is why we are a team.)

We got M & T last Wednesday night, late. Two-year-old and one-year-old sisters. To our surprise M (2yo) warmed up to us immediately. T took a while to warm up to Craig but in general, they seemed fairly trusting of us from the get-go.

Let me tell you, going from zero kids to two toddlers in a few hours is insanity. (I’m not saying there were tears in the bathroom but I’m also not saying there weren’t.) Did we spent hours on end rubbing tiny backs over the walls of two side-by-side pack-n-plays and singing “Jesus Loves Me” on an obnoxious loop til our legs fell asleep and we were drenched in sweat (did I mention our A/C is on the fritz?) waiting for the kids to fall asleep? Yes, yes we did. We tried the ole’ cry-it-out thing the first night (please enjoy this video and thank Jesus if this is not your life right now — if it is, YOU IS KIND YOU IS SMART YOU IS IMPORTANT.), but since they have been through trauma and obviously have abandonment fears the wait-in-the-room tactic worked better. Eventually.

But those girls are great. We had fun with them. We went to the zoo, we went to the park, we went to Target without any meltdowns (YES I AM THAT MOM NOW). I think if we had had them longer we really would’ve started getting in a groove, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a TINY bit relieved to not be saying “don’t touch that” and “how is it possible you produce this much poop?!” all day. To be fair, if they had been here longer I would’ve gotten childcare so I could work, but all that is bygones. They left on Monday, but they left with their mom, who seems to really want to take care of them, which is good, so we hope they are okay. If you get a chance to pray for their family, please do. I think she wants to take care of them (there are two older boys as well) but it’s just going to take a lot of strength and courage on her part.

Still thinking about D & K…we miss them. We hope they are okay, too. Pray for them, too if you think about it! We’ve been lucky to get two sets of great kids so far.

I discovered a blog the other day (randomly, I know a person who writes on it. Small world.) all about foster care and adoption that was super encouraging and provided a lot of different perspectives and experiences. I loved reading it when I was just feeling whiplashed and drained from the whole whirlwind, 5-day-placement experience.

Click here to read the blog.

If you want to learn more about foster care I highly recommend it — especially because it is written by people with more experience than mine, and it is just a testament to how different everyone’s stories are. You can truly never predict what will happen with foster care, which is both a terribly annoying and frustrating thing, and a good thing (who knows, maybe our next placement will be our forever kids!).

Until then we are waiting (and eating our feelings)! Pray if you don’t mind that if it would be in God’s will that we would meet our forever kids soon. This whole saying goodbye thing is for the birds. Thank you for all your guys support! (We have had so many people offer to lend us things and help us out — it’s been such a blessing.)