One Year

July 15 marked one year of being foster parents.

It’s kind of ridiculous to think about, but we have been parenting strangers' kids for more than 365 days. Well, not entirely. We took a break for a while. But you get it.

We’ve had eight kids in our care since day 1. Eight little pairs of feet and eyes and hands and eight little smiles and cries and screams (except for K. He doesn't scream.).

I finally put up photos of each of them on our wall. Even though we only had some of them for less than a week, each of them touched our hearts and we will never forget them. I’m going to get a piece of art (or make one) that says “Family” to put above it, because that’s what we consider each of these babies.

I’ll admit, we were hoping that by the time we’d been doing this for a year we’d be closer to at least the on-ramp for adoption. Before we started, I was thinking I would take a month off from work to adjust and then go back to work and keep on keepin’ on. I was just so sweet and adorable, wasn’t I? We got three placements in 6 weeks. (I’m glad I didn’t keep the job I had because that never would’ve worked.)

Anyway, we’re not really any closer to adoption than we were a year ago, but God did answer our prayer for a longer placement. We’ve had our girls for about 5.5 months now, and it’s hard to imagine life without either one of them. But adoption, if it ever comes, will still be a long time away.

Without giving too much away on a public forum, Dubs has begun visits with her dad and is moving toward going to live with him. We of course are heartbroken that she’s not our forever child (though in a way, she is), but y’all — we love her dad. Again, not to say too much, but he has a relationship with the Lord and is so excited to have her, and he’s kind of the best case scenario. He’s turning his life upside down for this little girl and even moving to Nashville, and wants us to be as involved as we want for as long as we want. We are beyond thankful for him and for God working this out.

With P, we still don’t know. Some details have changed with her family, so there’s still a possibility she could go to someone else, but we are praying, praying, praying, that it would be in God’s will to make a way for us to keep her, especially to keep her in contact with Dubs. They are developing such a sweet relationship, you guys. No one makes P laugh harder than Dubs, and whenever P hits her head or falls, Dubs goes, “Ok, P? Ok? I kiss it” and kisses her to make it better. I MEAN.

Speaking of P, guess who is WALKING? WHAT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, you guys. [Watch proof here.] Remember when we got her and she was 5mo and just stayed there whenever you laid her down? Gah. My heart. This sweet tiny baby (NOT TODDLER, DAYCARE WORKER WHO SAID SHE COULD MOVE UP CLASSES SOON AND HURT MY FEELINGS - RUDE.) is everything. She turns one next month and I JUST CAN’T.

Dubs is becoming such her own little person. She’s delightfully weird and hilarious. We couldn’t love her more. She’s doing great with her language and singing songs (including ‘Work’ by Rihanna which I’m not sure how I feel about), learning colors, counting to 10, and we are so proud.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of us and loved our kids so well. We are thankful for our community!